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Professional Gun Dog Training Gear
and Sporting Dog Supplies Canada
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Tri-tronics in Canada

GARMIN Authorized Dealer

No Bark Collars
Bark Limiter
Bark Limiter DELUXE
SBC-10R Rechargeable Bark Collar
Pet Containment  |  Dog Fences
SDF-100A In-Ground Fence
- Popular !!
delta_small.jpg (2148 bytes)

5/5 Leafs rating - Great buy !
GARMINBK_small.jpg (1564 bytes)
Bark Limiter
No-Bark Collar

5/5 Leafs rating - Great buy !

Basic Dog Training  |  Dog Obedience
GARMIN DELTA  - 1/2-mile 1-3 dogs 10-Levels Med-Lrg
- 1-mile, Med-Lrg
SD-425E Sport Trainer  - 500yds 1-3 dogs All breeds
SD-825E Sport Trainer
- 700m 1-3 dogs 1/2-mile
All breeds

BEST Short range 2013SD-425E
SD-425E Sport Trainer

5/5 Leafs rating - Great buy !
deltasport_small.jpg (2128 bytes)
GARMIN Delta Sport
5/5 Leafs rating - Great buy !
Upland Hunting  |  Gun Dogs  |  Bird Dogs
SD-1225E Sport Hunter   - 1200m 3/4-mile
SD-1825E Sport Hunter  
- 1600m 1-mile
Classic 70 G3 - 1 mile 1-6 dogs 127-Levels Med-Lrg
Upland Special G3  - 1 mile 1-3 dogs 18-Levels Med-Lrg
Classic70EXP_small.jpg (1721 bytes)
Classic 70 G3
1-mile range
5/5 Leafs rating - Great buy !
SportDOG SD-1825E
SD-1825E Sport Trainer

1-mile range
5/5 Leafs rating - Great buy !
Batteries & Parts
Batteries & Chargers
Add-A-Dog extra Receivers

Metal Detectors
Prospecting Supplies
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Batteries & Chargers5/5 Leafs rating - Great buy !
Garrett Metal Detectors
Garrett Metal Detectors
5/5 Leafs rating - Great buy !

Hound Hunting Gear
TEK 1.0 GPS Dog Tracking System

SD-3225 Hound Hunter  - 2 mile 1-6 dogs 127-Levels Med-Lrg
Upland Special G3 
- 1 mile 1-3 dogs 18-Levels Med-Lrg

SportDOG TEK GPS Tracking
GPS Dog Tracking
5/5 Leafs - Excellent
SD-3225_small.JPG (1855 bytes)
SD-3225 Hound Hunter5/5 Leafs - Excellent

Waterfowl  |  Retrievers
SD-1825 CAMO Wetland Hunter

Flyway Special G3 
- 1/2 mile 1-2 dogs 127-Levels Med-Lrg

sd-400_camo.jpg (251907 bytes)
Wetland Hunter

5/5 Leafs rating - Great buy !
SD1825CAMO.JPG (3480 bytes)
SD-1825 Wetland Hunter

5/5 Leafs rating - Great buy !


Real Clients, Real Experiences & Real Product Reviews...

" I received my SportDOG SD-1225 about ten days ago now and from the articles I had read and after talking to you on what would be the best e-collar for us I expected quite a bit but this collar is a much better product than I ever could have expected. I read the manual, watched the dvd, changed the mid setting down to low and adjustment dial at two--Awesome!  Most days a blip or two on the tone is enough correction but today a rabbit did its thing in front of us so after a call to come--no response the second nick had him on his way back.  Thanks so much for your time and patience with my calls and emails, I have already recommended you to friends..."    DG - Courtenay, BC

"Just to confirm that I have received the SportDOG SBC-10R anti bark collar  I tried the unit on my dog and it seems to work very well. I finally have a quiet dog... I had two different collars before and my dog would just take the hit and continue to bark.  Thank you very much for the recommendation of this product."  MD - Gatineau, QC

Sporting Dog Gear Leads the Field.  Because we're always in the field.

SportDOG Brand™ is the kind of Gun Dog Training gear sportsmen would design and build for themselves if they ran the company. Because sportsmen do run the company.

Oh, sure, we've got some pretty high-powered engineers on the team. But they're never at work on opening day. They're in a blind or in the field with their research assistants: setters, springers, Labs and pointers -- with the occasional beagle or bluetick thrown in.

We understand that you don't want to read a manual in the field. The sporting dog gear has to be easy to use. We know it's going to take an occasional hard knock. That's it's going to get wet. And that you want it to keep on working. Not just for a season, but for a lifetime. Guaranteed.

And we deliver it at a fair price. With more range for the money than anything else our there. And all of this comes with the only Lifetime Limited Warranty in its price range.

So, rest assured, when we say SportDOG Brand™ products are "Gear the way you'd design it," we mean it!

SportDOG Brand dog training equipment & supplies are specifically designed by expert dog trainers and dog handlers for Sporting Dogs including Gun Dogs, Training Retrievers, Hounds, Upland Hunting, Water Fowl, GSH, Beagles, Setters, Pointers, Labs, Bird Dogs, Flushing dogs, Spaniels, Water Dogs and all types of Hunting, Sporting and Gun dogs. 

Our Sport Dog gear and dog training supplies will help with all your gun dog & retriever training needs including, training flushing dogs, training pointers, training retrievers, training beagles, recall, flushing, in blinds, puppy training, behavioural issues, retrieving, steadiness, stalking, ducks, fetching, backing, mark command, heel, stay, down, point set, handle as well as many other dog obedience issues and dog training needs.


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