What's New

Coldwater Kennels currently have
3 promising litters of puppies.

1. Sledge & Maggie’s Black Labrador Litter
2. Willie & Sadie’s English Springer Spaniel Litter
3. Rascal & Emma’s Springer Spaniel Litter

1. Sledge & Maggie (1 male available)

NFTCH FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Sledgehammer (Sledge)

Sledge needs no introduction. He has the ability to do big water marks and fight his way through the elements.

Coldwaters Candlewood Tank You (Maggie)

This is the only breeding of this talented Candlewood bitch. Maggie is a fully trained nonslip Labrador. She shows incredible ability to mark and has a high water orientation. Maggie is dead honest in cheating drills. She has a great off switch and is a full time house dog. Maggie has a perfect mouth and does her work quietly from the line. She is a stylish dog that always gives you her maximum effort.

2. Willie & Sadie (SOLD)

FTCH AFC Belwind Willie (Willie)

This is a line breeding on the US National Champion Dog – NFC AFC FTCH Salmy’s Master Piece JH (Cliff). Cliff was the 3 time Canadian High Point Sire. Willie, Cliff’s son, has produced high point open dogs in Canada. Willie is an exceptional bird finder and marker. He has a great off switch and is 100% reliable as a house dog. See Willie’s breeding sheet for more information on him and his numerous accomplishments.

Coldwaters Dark Side (Sadie)

Sadie is a 2-year-old bitch that we have fully trained and is just ready for the field. She is a great marker, has a perfect mouth and is extremely biddable. We decided to do this breed as we were looking for some line bred dogs out of Salmy’s Master Piece (NFC AFC FTCH and 3-time winner of the High Point Sire Award). Sadie will resume her training after this breeding is complete.

3. Rascal & Emma (SOLD)

Belwind Basdass (Rascal)

Rascal is a young dog that we are training out of the lineage All Time High Point Dog (Flushingwing Annie). Rascals sire, Tazz, is a full brother to Flushingwing (Annie). Tazz is an accomplished dog with 4 national placements and has sired many successful dogs, the latest of which is the 2015 High Point Amateur dog, CAFTCH Pheasant Feathers Jaxx. Rascal shows all the signs of following in his father’s footsteps. Rascal’s dam is Expressways Carly (Carly), a 3-time High Point Producing Dam. Rascal has had a preliminary hip x-ray as he has not yet reached the age of 2. We usually don’t breed dogs under the age of 2 but there are very few that can produce this line of breed success.

Newstarrt’s I’m Emma (Emma)

Emma is a full sister to the 2015 Canadian Amateur High Point Dog, CAFTCH Pheasant Feathers Jaxx of Tazzman (Jaxx). Jaxx accomplished the high point dog with numerous wins. He is a spectacular dog. As per his name, he is the get of Flushingwing Tazzmanian Devil (Tazz) and thus this breed is a line breed on the most successful dog of all time. We are excited about this breeding and will keep 2 of the puppies to train ourselves.