What's New

Coldwater Kennels currently have
2 promising litters of puppies.

1. Jaxx & Sadie's Springer Spaniel Litter
2. Sledge & Maggie’s Black Labrador Litter

1. Jaxx & Sadie (4 Pups [Male & Female] available)

CAFTCH Pheasant Feathers Jaxx of Tazzman (Jaxx)

The 2015 high point amateur dog. Big nose, calm disposition with great off switch. Hard charging/ flushing dog. Excellent tracker, good mouth, and marker. a young dog with a big future. Won high point before he was 3, open placement before he was 2 years old.

Coldwaters Dark Side (Sadie)

Big nose, exceptional marker, good tracker. Easy dog to train w perfect mouth. Great disposition. She produced a top caliber litter out of afc ftch belwind willie so we did this breeding. She will return to training this summer.

2. Sledge & Maggie (1 male available)

NFTCH FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Sledgehammer (Sledge)

Sledge needs no introduction. He has the ability to do big water marks and fight his way through the elements.

Coldwaters Candlewood Tank You (Maggie)

This is the only breeding of this talented Candlewood bitch. Maggie is a fully trained nonslip Labrador. She shows incredible ability to mark and has a high water orientation. Maggie is dead honest in cheating drills. She has a great off switch and is a full time house dog. Maggie has a perfect mouth and does her work quietly from the line. She is a stylish dog that always gives you her maximum effort.